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500 N 3rd St,. LLC

Real Estate Investment For The Cannabis Industry (125,796 Sq. Ft.)


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Revenue Participation Rights
Return Multiple: 3X
($1,000 invested to return $3,000)
Revenue Split: 50%
(50% of gross revenues to be paid until 3X)


Who are we




Medical Marijuana is now legal in Pennsylvania.  The department of health selected 12 grower / processors to provide all the medical marijuana for the State of Pennsylvania.   The Market is expected to grow 100% in 2018.  The Market in Pennsylvania is expected to be 2x to 4x the Colorado market due to our population and proximity to high density neighboring states.  Pennsylvania also is pushing recreation adult use.   If we are able to get our permits or negotiate the right leases our facility would be the largest on the east coast at this time!   We are offering a higher than normal return on investment to help 500 N 3rd St., LLC achieve this goal!



We own a 125,796 sq. ft. property in Reading, Pennsylvania.

 By providing a space that after your help will be a premium space to grow medical marijuana. 

We will have the largest Medical Marijuana Grow Operation on the East Coast!


You can be a part of our success!



The location is acceptable for any type of Cannabis operator.



Achievement & Traction


Peter has succeeded in everything he does and wishes to bring is hard work to help you get a great return on your investment.  His success includes the following. Top 10 in the Nation with Internet Sales with Honda, Top Real Estate Agent in Every Category, Trustee with RPAC, 11 Years’ experience helping investors. We already have had offers to purchase and building an space at 500 N 3rd St.  We already have prospective tenants awaiting license approvals.   He has also worked with 2 companies that won a license in Pennsylvania Reboot Integrative Wellness Center, and Keystone Shops.  We will still continue to seek short-term, or long-term tenants that meet the needs of 500 N 3rd St., LLC investors.




It is anticipated that our market will grow by 100% in 2018 due to increase license approvals.  Pennsylvania also is anticipated to go full adult recreation in the next 3 to 5 years could increase market demand my several thousand percent, as the Pennsylvania market with our population is over 2x Colorado.  (Colorado 5.5M Vs Pennsylvania 12.7M)  Many online poles have stated Pennsylvania residents are at 52% to 92% for some form of legalization indicating a positive opinion of our chances of business being successful in Pennsylvania.




Many other competitors do exist. This is not a concern because there is a shortage of good locations (not any location could be a used by a Cannabis Operator.) 


We do have the advantage of our facility a 125,796 square foot building, if we were growing today we would have the largest medical marijuana facility on the east coast.  That alone will help get the word out that 500 N 3rd St, and All Organic Medical Marijuana are a force to be reckoned with.


Also, there is room for many Cannabis operators and our property is strategically located and is (almost) ready to be leased.


Business Model


We will lease the facility on a triple-net lease  (where the tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance (the three "nets") on the property in addition to any normal fees that are expected under the agreement (rent, utilities, etc.)




We intend to follow the best practices to ensure our tenants remain successful by understanding the medical marijuana regulations in Pennsylvania.  We also are ensured that the local municipality will approve growers permit at our location.


We have also partners and consulted with many active successful medical marijuana based companies to help ensure successful operations. In short, so much due diligence and constant education on the next best practice will help users remain successful.




For now 500 N 3rd St, LLC is one man show and that is OK.  Pete, with legal and accounting external help, can do it all. His eleven years of Real Estate and Investing Experience Helps Ensure Your Investment is Secured by Ownership in Our Large Medical Marijuana Grow Facility.  Of course, after funding Pete will bring in some help additional help where needed.



Pete has two advisors: James Bouarouy, CPA and Ken Petrini, Esq.

Use of Funds



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About Company
Name 500 N 3rd St,. LLC

Sectors Real Estate

State of formation/incorporation Pennsylvania

Year of formation/incorporation 2016

Location West Reading, Pennsylvania
Main contact
  • Peter Gustis

Executive Team
  • Peter Gustis

Board of Directors:
  • James Bouarouy
  • CPA
  • Ken Petrini

Online Presence


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