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Creators Of The Rewarding Membership Network For MMJ Patients.

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$20k - $100k

Number of Shares: 10,000

Security Type: Common Shares
Non-Voting (Class B)
Discounted 18%
$2 per Share @ $2 Mil Valuation
Min. $100 Investment
Max. Raise $100,000

Pledge Status:


Investors: 21

61 % funded
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Who are we


We are “The Rewarding Membership Network” for Cannabis Dispensaries. We developed an innovative RX-System making registration and check-in for medical marijuana patients more secure and convenient where patients earn points for their purchase that are as good as for cash at all subscribing dispensaries. Think miles for pot.




NextRX solves global problems plaguing the Medical Marijuana (MMJ) industry.  Currently, the MMJ patient registration process is insecure, inconvenient, and unrewarding. 

  • The MMJ patient registration process is insecure because the patient records are locally stored with different dispensaries. 
  • The registration process is inconvenient because of the paper-based, time consuming registration process for MMJ patients. 
  • The MMJ patient registration process is unrewarding because the only loyalty programs are tied to individual dispensaries and are paid to the MMJ patient in product. 

NextRX solves these problems with its RX-System. Next RX offers a paperless software solution that makes MMJ patient registration smooth, seamless and secure, and provides loyalty program rewards across multiple dispensaries.


How it works

An MMJ patient registers with NextRX at a participating dispensary by producing a California driver’s license as proof of identity  and a valid MMJ Patient Recommendation. The patient then signs the dispensary user agreement online at an RX-Pass kiosk. Once this process is complete, NextRX issues the patient an RX-Pass or RX-VeriPass, with a unique number identifying the patient.  The Pass can be in the form of a sticker that can be placed on the Recommendation, a QR code that can be placed on a mobile phone, a physical wallet-sized card or the premium RX VeriPass, which includes a copy of the Recommendation as well as the RX-Pass number.

The patient can use the RX-Pass to register and check-in with participating dispensaries, reducing registration time and check-in time.



Participating dispensaries use NextRX’s database to manage patient records, monitor inventory, keep track of patients’ purchases and issue and redeem loyalty reward points.  NextRX is the only provider of an industry-wide rewards system. 

This system will have the appropriate security that will provide HIPAA compliant Data Management. 

The Next-RX system is free to patients using the RX-Pass. We anticipate charging for the RX-VeriPass although we are currently offering this service free. We intend to generate revenues by charging the dispensaries a monthly fee.



Achievement & Traction

We have already built a network of about 16,000 patients through a few beta user dispensaries. 

Our solution works and it is ready to be deployed to more dispensaries.


According to ArcView the market for Cannabis use might reach $20 billion by 2020. However, right now there are only 28 states that allow medical use of Cannabis, therefore the potential market for medical Cannabis will only grow as more US states will smarten up and permit Cannabis use (even if only for medical use).

Below map shows the wide use of Cannabis (2014) despite the prohibition period.

Credit: Anita Rahman/Live Science


Our competitors include MJFreeway, Greenbits, IndicaOnline, EAzeMD/HelloMD and WeedMaps.

We believe that our patient focus separates us from our competition.


Our advantages to patients are:

  • Patient check-ins: Through our RX-Pass stored as an app on the patient’s phone.
  • Patient shopping: Easy access to our dispensary platform, which will include detailed menus and promotions from our subscribing dispensaries.
  • Patient rewards:  Patients’ RX-Passes will allow them to accumulate rewards points that you can redeem at RX-Pass subscribing dispensaries.

Our advantages for dispensaries:

  • A patient management platform: Faster and easier patient registration, check-in and tracking.
  • Loyalty rewards program: Dispensaries are able to manage their issuance and redemption of loyalty program awards.
  • Inventory solutions: Our RX-Pass POS inventory management solution can be used for basic tasks like inventory control and sales reports, or for advanced analytical features such as peak hours, customer trends, and more.
Business Model

We currently offer two pricing plans to dispensaries: 

  • RX-Pass Essentials offers SaaS that includes paperless patient files, digital user agreements, accelerated first-time registration, accelerated return check-in and is compatible with point of sale software. This costs $149 a month.
  • RX-Pass Essentials Plus offers all the elements of Essentials, plus the ability to issue and accept RX Points under a loyalty program. This costs $199 a month. Dispensaries also pay for the cost of our hardware.

Ralf-Rainer von Albedyll

Ralf-Rainer von Albedyhll is our co-founder and CEO. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 12 startups under his belt. Most of his companies were engaged in the watch industry (, TimeExpressions and iTime to name a few) while others engaged in software like Logistiques and eShox. He has not had any other employment in the last 3 years.

Ralf is a graduate of Duke University, where he studied history and political science before embarking on his entrepreneurial career.


Oliver Mandt-Rauch

Oliver Mandt-Rauch is our co-founder and President, a position he has held since September 2015. He is currently studying management science and business at University of California San Diego. While an undergraduate student he worked as a courier since July 2015 for Postmates and from June 2014 to July 2015 he worked for Chaya as an Accountant/Marketing Assistant.

Ralf-Rainer von Albedyhll and Oliver Mandt-Rauch are father and son.

Use of Funds

We will be using the money raised for:

  • Software Development & Licenses
  • Operations, Sales & Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing

By spending money on the above areas we know we can turn the test dispensaries into paying customers.


$20k - $100k

Number of Shares: 10,000

Security Type: Common Shares
Non-Voting (Class B)
Discounted 18%
$2 per Share @ $2 Mil Valuation
Min. $100 Investment
Max. Raise $100,000

Pledge Status:


Investors: 21

61% funded
Time left to invest

The Bonus:

For $100 invested: Get the VeriPAss 
For $300 invested: Get one RX Grinder 
For $500 invested: Get the RX Grinder personalized.

(See the Images and Videos section)




Note: The Bonus has no relation to the equity investment offered and/or its value.

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