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E-Commerce, Delivery, Subscription, Distribution, and 3PL Solutions for Healthy Living

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Who are we


Our mission at The Hempazon Shopping Network is to create and grow a trusted and respected, world-class e-Commerce, Distribution, Delivery, Warehousing and Shipping Network that uses its vast reach and popularity to foster rich, sustainable relationships between our customers, our vetted vendors, our communities and ourselves. is ten years in the making - and it's finally the right time to launch! If you have any questions that I can answer, please feel free to ask in the Q&A section below. Also, if you have invested in Hempazon, I thank you very much for your faith and support, and I will keep you up to date on Hempazon happenings. 👍 Elias Tobias, founder & CEO


However ancient the Hemp plant may be, it is only now in the last few years being accepted (back) into our mainstream society. Hemp and CBD products are very popular among men and women both young and old - but the trustable and reliable distribution of safe, quality brands & products hasn't really begun.


The 2018 Farm Bill brings major legislative changes to the Industry, and states across the US have been signing legislature legalizing Hemp and CBD products at a fast-moving pace. e-Commerce platforms and merchant processors are slowly but finally coming around in regards to approving retailer accounts. Hemp and Hemp-derived CBD products have only been deemed legal to distribute and sell in all 50 States within the last 12 months or so.


The e-commerce space for Hemp & CBD products is very fragmented, unconsolidated and potentially untrustworthy. There are no current industry leaders when it comes to online retail sales.


The Hempazon Shopping Network has all the right ingredients to be among the top global online retailers & distributors of Healthy Living Hemp and CBD products, and the immediate focus is on e-commerce sales, wholesale/retailer sales, branded delivery services and logistics. Our growth potential is practically unlimited in what is to become a more than 100 billion dollar-a-year market, and The Hempazon Shopping Network/ are excellent brand names - they will be easy to market and promote. 

HAZN, Inc. really is a marketing company first - we're adding on e-commerce as simply the next natural step in the growth of the Company. We've spent the last ten years collecting thousands of domain names and building a massive social media following. We've got plenty of experience marketing and selling products and services online. And the sales funnel that is to become The Hempazon Shopping Network is truly of epic proportions... we just need more people, computers, and office space.


Our founding team has over 35 years' combined experience in brand management, IT/iOT, web development, social media promotions, marketing & advertising, graphics & branding, retail & retail services, team management - and much more.


The Hempazon Shopping Network is not a grow operation - there is no risk of a failing or sub-par crop, licensing issues, landlord problems or government/law enforcement worries. It is not a dispensary - as a network of websites, it does not have to rely entirely on a fickle local customer base or local politics. It is not (primarily) a manufacturer - instead, will offer products from vetted vendors, and if an offered product gets replaced by a newer, trendy, more exciting one - then so be it. All of these things that is not... add to its strength and solidity.


The Hempazon Shopping Network has the exclusive rights to over 2,000 keyword-rich domain names which collectively create our keyword-centric SEO/traffic/sales lead generating machine... By linking these 2,000 websites, will employ a "mass marketing/volume traffic" technique when it comes to advertising & branding efforts, and compared to a typical single, lone wolf website, the volume of potential customers will be increased thousands fold.


To every extent possible, will offer products made in America and products that are of the highest quality and manufacture. In addition to end-user retail sales, will include a secondary, proprietary wholesale platform to connect retailers with manufacturers, and along the way develop complete 3PL fulfillment & warehousing solutions.


Price Clubs, Rewards Programs and Monthly Subscriptions will become popular features of The Hempazon Shopping Network, and will also create and promote in-house product testing methods - offering "Truth Certified" products, helping to guarantee product authenticity, safety and compliance.


HAZN, Inc. is a Nevada C-Corp, and the majority of the work done on The Hempazon Shopping Network is done in Central Florida at our digital development headquarters. 

Although is a relatively new e-commerce website, the idea of Hempazon and has been alive and on the internet since 2010. When it comes to social media, can be found and followed on twitter and instagram, and our facebook fanpage already has over 35,000 followers - easily proving that PEOPLE LOVE THE IDEA OF HEMPAZON.COM. has been developed on Shopify's e-commerce platform. The majority of The Hempazon Shopping Network's funnel websites are built with Wordpress, and they are hosted on cloud servers to ensure optimum user experience.



The demand for Healthy Living, Hemp and CBD and products in the United States (and internationally) is unlike anything seen in our lifetime. New companies are popping up every day - shops, websites & links are being set up nonstop in an effort to capture revenue from markets that are swelling - even though these industries are only in their infancies.


The Hempazon Shopping Network is focused on four markets and their potential combined sales of over $4 trillion per year: 1) Health & Wellness; 2) Hemp; 3) CBD (Cannabidiol); 4) Accessories/Ancillary/Lifestyle. These markets are similar yet unique - governed (or not) separately by local, state, and federal laws and regulations on manufacturing, selling, transporting, shipping, and distributing.


The first market is a tremendous space defined as a $4.2 trillion a year global market - the Health and Wellness Industry - which encompasses all activities that promote physical and mental well being, consisting of a universe of products such as foods & beverages, herbs & herbal remedies, supplements & vitamins, fitness & sports nutrition, health aids & personal care items, beauty products, baby products, clothing & accessories, wearable devices, pet products and much more. This market is legal to sell & ship in all 50 States and internationally, and potential Vendors abound.


According to the Global Wellness Institute, this $4.2 trillion industry grew at a 12.8% rate from 2015 to 2017 and represented 5.3% of global economic output. As interesting side notes, the global Athleisure Market was valued at $300 billion in 2018 and the global gluten-free retail market is estimated to grow to $12.5 billion by 2024.


The second market, Legal Hemp includes all products made from Hemp seeds, stalks and fibers - which have over 50,000 uses. Paper, plastic, concrete, fiberboard, insulation, food & nutritional products, pet & livestock feed & bedding, ethanol fuel, clothing & fabrics, etc. This market is non-regulated, and all products are shippable nationwide, if not globally.


The global sales of Hemp products is predicted to reach $13 billion by 2020.


The third market - Hemp CBD. It is thought by some that the CBD Industry has the potential to become the largest of the markets - CBD products are insanely popular, and CBD can be found in tinctures, capsules, patches, sprays, concentrates, extracts, oils, topicals, vapes, edibles and more.


Global CBD related product sales are predicted to reach $23.7 billion by 2023. The United States CBD Industry saw sales of $620 million in 2018, and analysts are calling for 2019 sales to reach $5 billion - that's 706% growth - and US CBD Industry revenue growth from 2018 to 2023 is expected to culminate in a 107% compound annual growth rate.


While waiting for the legal Cannabis Industry to mature and expand (when it comes to e-commerce and delivery), The Hempazon Shopping Network will focus heavily on CBD Vendor onboarding, CBD product marketing & sales and the development of in-house CBD brands and products.


The fourth market is an industry that is and has been very lucrative for a long time - the ancillary or accessories/lifestyle market, which is largely non-regulated. This market consists of a wide variety of products such as vaporizers & smoking supplies, clothing & accessories, grow supplies, books & magazines, snacks & drinks and much more. This category is primarily legal to sell & ship in all 50 States and internationally.


The main competition for The Hempazon Shopping Network is time - how long it takes to build websites, search engine optimize web pages, create social media posts and campaigns, to reach out and onboard vendors, to attend trade shows, to introduce ourselves to the world - we will need fingers on keyboards and eyes on screens... our competitors may work hard, but the team will strategize, create, innovate, work harder and work smarter...


The Hempazon Shopping Network really has three kinds of competitors: brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers and marketers.


The first kind - stores that do retail sales in person - range from gas stations to health food stores, and the CBD craze has seen products of all shapes and sizes being sold at literally every type of retailer.


The second kind - e-commerce sites - from amazing to awful - offer inventories either of their own brands or from a variety of manufacturers.


The third kind - labor and money other companies spend on marketing (and their affiliate efforts) - can only be beaten by a smarter and harder working marketing department of our own.


Competition in the CBD space is already fiery and varied, with products ranging from topicals to ingestibles to pet supplements - and so much more. Hemp and CBD have such an amazing array of uses that its certain we have only seen a small handful of products that will eventually reach the market.


There are no marketplace leaders.




  • e-Commerce / Online Retail Sales Funnel

  • Wholesale / Retailer B2B Marketplace

  • Branded Niche Delivery Services

  • National / Global Distribution Services

  • In-House Product Development

  • Subscriptions, Crates, Boxes & Of-The-Month-Clubs

  • 3PL Services - Warehousing, Shipping & Fulfillment

  • White Label Product Services

  • Advertising Sales

  • Partner / Affiliate / Joint Venture Revenues

  • Hempazon Rewards Program

  • Hempazon Library

(see "documents" below for a further breakdown of The Hempazon Shopping Network)


Elias Tobias - Founder & President

Serial entrepreneur, branding fanatic and social media guru, Eli Tobias registered the domain name "" with the vision that some day the world would be ready for a digital platform dedicated to Hemp, Hemp products and how Hemp fits into a happy, healthy life.


Eli has enjoyed an exciting career path, which includes more than 25 years of branding, marketing and promoting experience in industries that provide popular services and products such as night clubs & events, tattoos, and all things Hemp, CBD & Cannabis related.


Over the last 15 years, Eli's focus has shifted dramatically from customer-facing, service-oriented businesses to digital products and services. With great obsession, and by using bold tactics, he has managed to build a collection of over 11,000 domain names (Hemp and Cannabis niched) and an online following of more than 2 million people by creating and managing hundreds of popular social media pages, groups and profiles that connect to each other.


Peter Nagy - Project Manager 

Peter Nagy is the President of Create SFN Inc., a marketing and media publishing company. In his role Peter is tasked with developing high-quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives.

Peter has led teams of 20 people to complete projects of up to $500,000; he has extensive experience leading and motivating subordinates to advance company and team objectives. Aside from his marketing and tech experience, Peter also has 10 years of experience leading House Investment Doctors, Inc., a home repair and air conditioning company.

Peter has extensive experience overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission. He is passionate about self-development and committed to maintaining up-to-date knowledge of marketing, e-commerce and online business trends. Peter is a proud father a dog lover and avid world traveler. Peter is allegedly wise to the ways of Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Social Media.


David Tobias - Advisor

Founding member, Director and VP, Medical Marijuana, Inc. ​$MJNA

Founder, partner and President, Hemp, Inc. ​$HEMP

Founder and President, Cannabis Sativa, Inc. $CBDS





Unfortunately, this securities offering is closed. For questions, please email Thanks!

Magic Ellingson
Magic Ellingson - Investorone year ago
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Andrea Gomes
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Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz - Investor   
Hey Andrea 👋
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2 years ago
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz - Investor   
Hey Andrea 👋
You invest here ? What you can tell me

2 years ago
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz - Investor   
Hey Andrea 👋
You invest here ? What you can tell me

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Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz - Investor   
Hey Andrea 👋
You invest here ? What you can tell me

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Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz - Investor   
Hey Andrea 👋
You invest here ? What you can tell me

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Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz - Investor   
Hey Andrea 👋
You invest here ? What you can tell me

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