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Cannabis Real Estate In Oklahoma

Minimum target reached
Closed on 01/01/21


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$11k - $1070k

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Regulation CF

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Security Type
Convertible Note
15% Annum
$100 Per Convertible Note

Who are we


LEAF and ASH is a startup company focusing on becoming Oklahoma’s premier cannabis real estate owner. Realizing the advantages of diversifying, we will purchase potential indoor and outdoor grow operations for hemp and cannabis on a very large scale that will be leased to licensed growers. There will also be designated leasable space for an onsite processor, or for the grower to use if they have a processing license as well. The facility will be set up with state of the art equipment that most facilities can not have on this scale at this point in their business. This will enable us to lease for top dollar and also create a community of success within the complex.  With no limit on how many plants can be grown per license, the sky is the limit on the size of this operation. We are hoping to one day own the largest off-grid, organic, growing facility in the United States and beyond carbon neutral.


Oklahoma is the fastest-growing medical marijuana market in the average number of daily patient increases, and MMJ patients represent 4.1% of the state’s total population – one of the highest rates in the nation. Growth is bolstered by low barriers of entry, including the fact there’s no list of qualifying conditions for patients.

With almost 4,000 licensed grower in the state there is a huge misconception about the availability of flower, especially high quality flower, for dispensaries and processors. The over 1,000 licensed processors are in great need of large quantities for the numerous products they are creating on a daily basis. The smaller scale growers are trying to keep up with demand but the upfront costs of lights alone is a huge financial burden. These growers are wanting to expand to meet demands and that’s where LEAF and ASH can step in and help.


Our Company has entered into a contingent acquisition of a 169 acre farm with multiple conditioned buildings totaling over 13,500 sq ft including some office space. There are several wells already drilled for irrigation throughout the property. This land will allow for several leasees to use the space to grow indoor, outdoor, in greenhouses and for at least one processor on site. After purchasing the property all funds will go into improvements to the property in a build-to-suit manner for the clients. Creating turnkey facilities for growers of hemp and medical cannabis so they are able to grow as the market is demanding.



Through our network on social media we have already secured quite a bit of interest in what we plan to do. In so doing we currently have a grower and processor who are committed to be our first leasees. Once we have completed the first property, if there is space available, we will reach out to others that have expressed interest in leasing a turn-key space. We market this through social media, our website and network if need be. When we purchase a second property we hope to have a wait-list for future developments already in place.


Oklahoma is the fastest-growing medical marijuana market in the average number of daily patient increases, and MMJ patients represent 4.1% of the state’s total population – one of the highest rates in the nation. Growth is bolstered by low barriers of entry, including the fact there’s no list of qualifying conditions for patients.



Medical cannabis sales are continuing to climb in Oklahoma, topping $23 million in May and marking the eighth straight month of growth for the new industry.


Figures from the Oklahoma Tax Commission show the state collected more than $1.6 million in May from the 7% excise tax on marijuana. Another $2 million was collected in state and local sales taxes.


To date, medical marijuana sales have generated nearly $10.7 million for state coffers.


There is currently no other company in Oklahoma that we know of that is focusing on creating turnkey cannabis facilities for growers and processors to use.


The financial forecasts are based on market value lease rates and percentage of gross receipt we believe we will receive. The base amount is charged on a regular monthly basis. Depending on sales for the grower and processor will determine the actual amount of we will receive from the gross receipts. These numbers are based on the grower selling the bare minimum that could be grown in a single year by the grower sold at $1,000 a pound which is an extremely low price. This does not include anything from the processor because those values are too volatile for us to predict.



After fifteen years of working in communications, Stephanie Bryan opened a residential painting business with her husband Adam. They have had five very successful years and she is ready to start her own business in something that she is very passionate about... Cannabis.


Growing up very religious Stephanie never thought she would turn to cannabis. After years of being on prescriptions, when it became legal in Oklahoma, it was her only hope to be able to have quality of life. Having once been on thirteen prescription medications, cannabis not only provided her relief, but allowed her to discontinue use of all of them.


Knowing the advantages of owning real estate, and seeing the ongoing issues with shortages of high-quality product, Stephanie decided to create LEAF and ASH. She wants to help companies, not by loaning them money for expansion, but creating a place for them that is move-in ready. To allow small businesses to not only survive but to thrive, in this fast-moving market. Having been a small business owner already, Stephanie knows the hard work it takes not only help her business thrive but to help others grow their business to their full potential. With her husband’s extensive knowledge of building, they feel LEAF and ASH is the answer for many Oklahoma cannabis businesses. They look forward to the next few years and how Oklahoma will continue to be at the forefront of the cannabis and hemp industries.




Unfortunately, this securities offering is closed. For questions, please email Thanks!

Billy Carr
Billy Carr - Investor2 years ago
Hi. Outside of seeing the "Congrats! You are a security holder." on the Fundanna site, what other artifacts will be provided regarding my investment....?
Thanks in advance for your time.
G G - Issuer    
Once your investment is received and actually invested into the company you will receive a few other communications plus a souvenir type certificate will be sent to you. This certificate has no actual value but will state your name and other investment information. You can file it away or frame it if you would like. Thank you for being interested in LEAF and ASH. I will be putting together an update soon about what is currently going on with the company so be on the look out for that.

2 years ago
Damien Sowell
Damien Sowell - Investor2 years ago
Hello and Good Day! I am wondering to how many shares of your company does $300 equate? Or will that be assigned a share value in a future round of investment? That would greatly inform my investment. I appreciate your work and your time.
G G - Issuer    
$300 equals three shares. Thank you for your interest! I hope you have a great day.

2 years ago
Maurice Clark
Maurice Clark - Investor2 years ago
Is there anyway I can get my money back for my investment in stock
G G - Issuer    
As you are currently a security holder we are unable to process a refund. Also, there are limits in place as to the sale or transfer of a Reg CF security for the first 12 months after the purchase (yours being secured in December 2019). If at some point we are able to complete a buy back that offer will be emailed to you. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause during this time.

2 years ago
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