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New Green LLC

CBD Retail

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Closed on 01/01/21


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$10k - $500k

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Common Stock
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Who are we

More and more people are deciding that CBD has benefits for them and their health, but they are worried about how to the best quality products. If you buy from a vape-shop or online, how do you know what you are getting?




We are Heidi and Ari Zorn and we have been residents of the Berkshire region of Massachusetts for 25 years. Together we have over 40 years of experience in nutrition, health and wellness. We want to bring our knowledge and passion of health and nature to the Berkshire, while also providing jobs and investment opportunities to our community.  


CBD is a growing market and the demand for high-quality products is expanding.  Join us in this exciting venture!


The market for CBD and other hemp-derived products is new and evolving. Regulations are still catching up, and there are some manufacturers who are taking advantage of the loopholes to sell inferior products. Customers are looking for a trustworthy source for good quality products and advice on how to use them.


Egremont, Massachusetts is a small town tucked in a corner of the state close to the New York and Connecticut borders, in a region of the Berkshire mountains that attracts tourists and travelers. Travelers spend an estimated $ 500 million a year in the Berkshires.


Good quality health and wellness products are in demand, and products such as hemp-derived CBD is a fast-growing segment of that market. Regulations are still evolving and changing, and consumers are concerned about untested or ineffective products. The retailers who have been first to seize this new opportunity seem to be convenience stores, tobacco stores, and anonymous online retailers. Consumers are seeking trusted sources, knowledge, and to buy from someone they know.


The burgeoning Cannabis market in Massachusetts is in a similar stance. In addition, a defining feature of the Massachusetts Adult Use Marijuana Law is its commitment to social justice; and yet, the licensing process is arduous and expensive, effectively barring all but the wealthy from participating in the economic benefits that were promised. License applicants for retail licenses are required to hold their real estate for many many months while waiting for even a provisional license. Because of this, entrepreneurs are unable to get financing, and those who are not already wealthy are not able to invest in these promising start-ups.  


At the same time, the process of obtaining a license from the CCC in Massachusetts to operate a retail Cannabis location is long and expensive. License applicants have to pay their mortgage or rent for years while waiting for a license. As a result, only those entrepreneurs with a huge reserve of capital can survive the process, the regular guy is shut out.  


We would like to change that for our investors. For you. We want to allow you an investment opportunity which will give you some residual income. 


New Green LLC plans to open “Devine,”  a retail store selling CBD and other health and wellness products and at the same time develop a new way of funding and licensing cannabis businesses in Massachusetts. By operating a CBD store during the license process, and by using online equity fundraising, New Green LLC will keep start-up costs low and at the same time allow small investors, including the local community, to contribute to the company and its pursuit of a license from the CCC.


Our predictions show the CBD market is growing fast and will continue to grow over the next decade. Our licensing process is well on its way. Jump on board and let's ride this wave together.


Combined, Ari and Heidi bring 46 years of small business ownership.  Having owned their own restaurant, and now their own personal training and chiropractic businesses, they are ready for the next step.


With the location secured and under construction, the CBD shop is on target to open Summer 2020. With their health and wellness background, they have been researching and using the best products and are ready to bring them to you.  


The CBD market is big and growing daily. BDS Analytics, a leading Cannabis researcher is predicting a compound annual growth rate of 49 percent by 2024 across all distribution channels. Also, they expect that the CBD market, combined with THC products, will create a total market of $45 billion for cannabinoids by 2024.


The town of Egremont has about 1,200 residents, with a number of second homeowners and weekenders. The village has two small commercial centers and is bordered by several towns, including Great Barrington to the east. Egremont also borders New York state to the west, and Connecticut to the South. It is 139 miles west of Boston.


Residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, have a median household income of about $55,000, with over 22% of the population earning over $100,000. More than 3/4 of the population are over the age of 18 and nearly 1/3 of the population is more than 60 years old. Access to a computer in the home is 90%.


Egremont is located in a region of the Berkshires that attracts tourists and travelers. Travelers spend an estimated $500 million a year in the Berkshire. Devine’s location on Route 23 will allow easy access and exposure to visitors with time and funds for leisure activities.


New Green LLC expects Devine to appeal to the residents and tourists who are interested in health and environmental issues, and to those who seek its products to relieve pain and other physical complaints.


There are plenty of places where you can find CBD products.


The question is: do you trust what is in them?


We will only sell products that are third party validated. This means the product is tested by a company that is not connected with the producer. We will have staff who have been trained and are qualified to answer questions you may have about the product, how to take it, and what to expect.  


CBD products are in high demand. Consumers have numerous locations to purchase CBD products. The reason customers will come to Devine as opposed to purchasing products elsewhere will be because of the experience they will have at our Retail store. We will be creating an experience that no other shop will have. We will be utilizing state of the art multimedia projections, paired with three-dimensional art to create a forest bathing experience they will long to come back to. To top it off, by using projections, we will be able to change our displays on a daily basis. This means, every time you enter the store you will have a different visual experience. We hope to create a feeling of wonderment, feeling of discovery each time you enter. In the summer you may enter into a winter wonderland. The customer will not know what to expect, except that they know they will be surprised.


Devine's physical location, as well as our commitment to delivering the highest quality products, will help to set us apart. Owned by two health care professionals who have daily feedback from our local population, we are poised to bring the highest quality and the greatest demand to market. Our online ordering option will not only help guide the consumer, but it will also make for quick and efficient purchases of products they can trust.


The business is a retail experience that will draw customers in and keep them coming back. With the use of state-of-the-art Audio-Visual equipment and three-dimensional art created by local artists, customers will enter a forest bathing experience that will change with every visit. The products offered will be top of the line, including herbal apothecary remedies. Our customers will choose to come back because of their experience in the store and the consistency and quality of the products.  


We are dedicated to our environment and will choose packaging and products which have the least impact. We will avoid plastic and excessive packaging whenever possible. We will be involved in reduction and recycling however we can.


We the founders of New Green LLC have been diligent since the beginning with keeping our overhead low. A low overhead will put us closer to a profit faster. This industry is profitable, but managing the start-up costs and sticking to a strict budget will allow us to be profitable sooner.  


The use of crowdfunding will allow the members of our community to invest in this local business, creating community support and at the same time providing an opportunity for the community.  


Ari Zorn: Former Restaurant Owner/Chef/Personal Trainer known locally now as "turtle man" for his conservation work with turtles and Smiley's Pond. 

  • Ari Former owner/chef Dos Amigos, a well known busy mexican restaurant. 
  • Zorn Core Fitness: For the last 13 years Ari has owned and run his own personal training studio.  Ari has held many community positions including the Egremont Land Trust, Conservation Commission, basketball booster club, and NAACP.  He is passionate about fitness, the environment, and his community.



Heidi Zorn: Chiropractor/Owner Zorn Family Chiropractic. 

  • Heidi has been running her own private practice in South Egremont since 2006.   
  • Heidi taught at the local community college for several years.  Classes included Intro to the Human Body, Fitness For Life, Psychology of Sport. 
  • Heidi has held many community positions such as School Committee, Volleyball Booster Club President, Egremont Land Trust, and the Eagle Fund, to name a few.  Heidi is passionate about the environment, conservation, and her community.

Together we have the commitment, the skills, the experience and the desire to grow this company.




Unfortunately, this securities offering is closed. For questions, please email Thanks!

Katherine Mosby
Katherine Mosby - Investor3 years ago
the site only talks about CBD products---are you not going to sell other forms of cannabis at your store? If so, you should definitely include that in the pitch. MANY more people are going to the dispensaries in MA for recreational cannabis than for CBD so it is a much more attractive investment if the store caters to a much larger demographic.

Robert W Neill Jr
Robert W Neill Jr - Investor3 years ago
What is the current status on this? Is the store open at this time? If not, what is the timeline?
Robert W Neill Jr
Robert W Neill Jr - Investor   
Is this still an active offering? None of the questions are being answered.

3 years ago
Arnel Mercidieu
Arnel Mercidieu - Issuer 3 years ago
how i can get my money back?

Heidi Zorn
Heidi Zorn - Issuer    
Why do you want your money back?

3 years ago
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