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OrgHarvest, Inc.

Organic Cannabis Grower In Las Vegas


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Shares of Free Trading Common Stock
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OrgHarvest, Inc seeks to launch cannabis cultivation and production operations in Las Vegas, Nevada, employing a high-tech 142,000-square-foot glass greenhouse imported from the Netherlands. It will have the capacity to produce 750 pounds of cannabis flower per week, enabling the Company to potentially gross revenue of about $62 million after its first year of operation.

The Company is focused on the acquisition of and/or joint venturing with cannabis dispensaries as well as the production and distribution of cannabis flower with high THC values and oils used in manufacturing edibles, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.


Shares Of Common Stock

$0.25 Per Unrestricted Share
$1000 Min Investment

Disclaimer: Please read the Offering Circular in the Documents section below, to learn about the risks.
Investors are advised to fully understand the risks.


Thirty states have already passed legislation permitting medical cannabis use, and nine states and the District of
Columbia allow full adult use.

Recent research indicates that as the legalization of cannabis continues to be adopted in more states, the cannabis industry has been growing steadily and rapidly. According to Oakland-based cannabis angel investment network, The ArcView Group (Executive Summary, 5th Edition), national legal sales for 2016 grew to $6.7 billion from $5 billion in 2015, fueled by explosive growth in adult use market sales. The growth continues a robust pattern that ArcView estimates will lead to a $22.6-billion market in 2021 at a 27% compound annual growth rate.

In November 2016, a new set of regulations paved the way for a recreational marijuana market in Nevada which is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 42% over the next five years thus adding up to $433 million in sales annually by 2021. Thus, our goal is to become an industry leader in the cannabis industry, beginning with a focus on key regions of Nevada. The target market for the Company is comprised of retail stores, processors, and other points of sale serving the 45 million tourists (as reported by the ArcView Group that visit the Nevada cities of
Henderson, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno each year, as well as adjacent producers interested in local businesses and farms that create high-quality cannabis products.

ABOUT OrgHarvest, INC

OrgHarvest is public OTC Market company traded under the symbol "ORGH" in the Nevada recreational and medicinal marijuana industry dedicated to cultivating cannabis. Our goal is to provide high-quality cannabis to retail marijuana stores, manufacturing and other cultivation facilities in Las Vegas, Reno, and the surrounding areas.OrgHarvest will not only strive to provide high-quality cannabis but produce it in the most sustainable manner.

We will position OrgHarvest to become a leader in the industry of organic cannabis.


It is not uncommon to have the same strain with a different chemical composition even if it is from the same grower.
In addition to genetics, there are many many contributing factors to the chemical composition. Most of the time these factors cannot be controlled.

Both indoor and outdoor growing are water intensive. In general, indoor growing relies on artificial lights to improve both the quality and the quantity of the crop.

An outdoor grow facility can grow only one crop per year. Even in a 'sunny' state as Nevada. See below calendar from Leafy:

The biggest issue with outdoor is lack of control over natural conditions and unwanted chemicals.


Built by the best.

Solar Powered

Maximum Growing Results

Minimal Water and Energy Source

Sustainable and Efficient Heating Sources

Cost-Efficient Water Savings and Recirculation

Integrated Heating and CO2 Management



Year-round cultivation.
Indoor cultivation isn't seasonal. With the right set-up, indoor growers could theoretically produce cannabis any time anywhere in the world. They are not limited by adverse environmental conditions that may impact outdoor farmers who can only grow in favorable climates. Indoor cannabis can grow all year round in otherwise inhospitable areas, where dampness and rain would increase the likelihood of mold infestation and disease if the plants were outside. Although the yield of indoor grown plants is generally less than that of a comparable number of outdoor plants, multiple indoor grows throughout the year will produce more cannabis than an outdoor summer garden.

Control over growing conditions.
Indoor cannabis plants are more sensitive than outdoor plants and, therefore, a cultivator must carefully monitor and adjust various factors within a closed, interior grow-room. A skilled indoor grower is able to control all aspects of light, air flow, soil, and nutrients that affect the plants. If done well, this creates an ideal situation for breeding purposes, research and development, and the preservation of unique genetics. For example, if a cannabis cultivar has an attractive purple color that appeals to consumers, indoor production can focus on that characteristic and target it in upcoming generations of the plant's life cycle.

Product standardization.
As the cannabis industry matures, consistency and predictability will be required to standardize a medical product and to gain approval in the pharmaceutical sphere. Standardization is necessary for a reliable, reproducible product that can be researched during clinical trials. In order to achieve such standards and protect plants from unwanted influences, there must be regularity and consistency in every aspect of the growing procedure-water, light, humidity, pest management, etc. This can be very challenging for even the most meticulous outdoor cultivator, as it is difficult to control humidity, fungal infestation and other environmental factors that can adversely affect a sungrown cannabis crop.

"Boutique" production.
Cannabis consumers want a nice looking product with a stellar aroma. Dispensaries place a premium on "bag appeal" when displaying cured cannabis flowertops. A skilled indoor grower can carefully manipulate various environmental factors to accentuate desired traits, resulting in cannabis that looks great and smells divine. This in turn translates into a more valuable product when cannabis goes to market. A common misperception is that the potency of cannabis grown indoors is higher than sungrown cannabis. ("Federal sources as well as independent testing labs actually find similar potencies when best practices are used," according to Mills.) Yet, indoor cannabis tends to fetch a higher retail price than sungrown, which costs less to produce. Outdoor growers are able to cultivate their crops with minimal overhead, less equipment, and less electricity, but the lower price-tag doesn't necessarily mean lower quality medicine. Again, it's largely a matter of perception and bag appeal.



Many well-known companies trade at prices that are rich. But some of the biggest cannabis firms' EV/Revenue ratios, as calculated by PwC, are sky-high:?

  • Canopy Growth CGC, +5.51% : 128 times revenue

  • Aurora Cannabis ACB, +0.00% : 133 times revenue

  • Cronos Group CRON, +1.13% : 257 times revenue



According to a new report by RCG Economics LLC and The Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA), which represents 90 percent of dispensaries statewide, taxable cannabis sales surpassed $525 million in the period from July 2017 to July 2018. The sales generated total economic benefits of almost $1 billion. The report predicts that recreational marijuana sales should hit compounded sales of $4.9 billion (in 2018 inflation-adjusted dollars) by July of 2024.


Financial Plan - Revenue Model

Expected Pricing
Based on current market trends on cannabis pricing in Las Vegas for the past year, we estimate a price of $1,800 per pound in Las Vegas by July of 2019.

Our Debets Schalke Glasshouse is expected to produce 750 pounds of cannabis a week, or approximately 3,000 pounds a month and 800 pounds of cannabis trim each month.

This trim is extracted into a THC concentrate. We plan to purchase a midrange extraction machine in Q2. We expect this midrange machine to run between $110,000 - $125,000. A mid-range extraction machine will provide at the very minimum, 675 grams per day, and at $6 a gram, we would see an income of about $4,000 per day, or $120,000 in a month. ROI at that rate can be achieved in 65 days.

At the highest capacity, of about 1900g grams a day, the income would be about $11,500 per day or about $345,000 in a month. In Vegas, concentrates are selling for $15 a gram, so these numbers would more than double. By only processing our trim, some 200 pounds a month, with a trim yield of 10%, we would expect to see about 1,000 grams of processed concentrates a month. We expect to receive about $15.00 per gram, processing 1,000 grams of our own trim for a total of $15,000 a month for our flowers.

We will offer processing services for other cultivation licensees in Nevada and are currently reaching out to those potential partners now.

We will purchase trim for $300 a pound, starting in Q2, and begin offering concentrates at that time. Our raw plant material will be approximately $6,000 a day, and we will produce about 1400 grams per day, or 42,000 grams a month. Priced at a low $6 a gram, this would yield $252,000 in the first month.

Currently, grams are running $30-55 in Vegas, and the pricing has been rising due to higher demand. We believe pricing should stabilize, and grams should lower to $15 a gram by Q2in Vegas. $15 a gram lifts our projected income to about $630,000.

In our forecast, we are using $15 per gram starting Q2 for our own trim, and $10 per gram Q3 for a product made with purchased trim. We believe our trim will be far more superior, due to the building and strains we are using, so our internal product will have more THC, and thus more valuable.


Thirty states have already passed legislation permitting medical cannabis use, and nine states and the District of Columbia allow full adult use. Recent research indicates that as the legalization of cannabis continues to be adopted in more states, the cannabis industry has been growing steadily and rapidly.

OrgHarvest has a distinct market: retail stores, processors and the 55 million tourists that visit Las Vegas and Reno/Lake Tahoe each year and adjacent producers interested in local businesses and farms that create products from the ground up.

The past 10 years have seen a reversal from the days of closing cannabis shops to a future with the Nevada cannabis industry that been growing steadily, and now rapidly since the passage of laws allowing the distribution of marijuana. Coupled with Nevada's significant barriers to obtaining a cannabis license, OrgHarvest's licenses insure fairly protected potential business expansions from cultivation centers into to establish retail stores, as well as processing and testing facilities. This strict limitation of other competition creates a strong indication of long term projected income.

According to Oakland-based cannabis angel investment network, The ArcView Group (Executive Summary, 5th Edition), national legal sales for 2016 grew to $6.7 billion from $5 billion in 2015, fueled by explosive growth in adult use market sales. The growth continues a robust pattern that ArcView estimates will lead to a $22.6-billion market in 2021 at a 27% compound annual growth rate.


OrgHarvest's management team and founders bring together unique and diverse backgrounds in terms of education, experience, and expertise. Having an award-winning team behind OrgHarvest that is dedicated to strain development and organic production will be the key to producing high-quality THC flower. All of the products the Company distributes must first pass inspections conducted by independent third-party testing facilities followed by internal inspections before being delivered to end users.

The OrgHarvest management team has many years of combined business experience and is comprised of senior executives who each have a commendable track record in the technology industry.

Fank Celecia

Frank Celecia, our CEO is a serial entrepreneur who founded RudeHoney Design Grp (1999-2013) who brought the company from start up to 10 million in sales. Branding TV networks and high end opens for two super Bowls, Oscars, and world class boxing to over 60 countries to name a few. In addition, created VidcomPost from a startup to a NASDAQ company in the TV post production business. Produced 146 episodes of a show called "Down To Earth" a sitcom for Proctor and Gamble included Sony Pictures, Disney, NBC, CBS, NBC, Columbia Pictures to name a few of their clients.

His background of revenue growth through creative marketing tools, direct response media, competitive pricing, sales organization and motivation will be the driving force behind OrgHarvest.

Mr. Celecia's background in general management, finance/administration, strategic planning, financial planning and analysis, procurement operations, telecommunications make him an excellent member of our management team and board of directors. Mr. Celecia received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the New York Institute of Technology and served aboard the USS Forrestal CVA 59 in the United States Navy, as well as in the Vietnam war, during which time he was awarded a bronze star, which is a United States decoration awarded to members of the United States Armed Forces for either heroic achievement, heroic service, meritorious achievement, or meritorious service in a combat zone.
He served in the United States Navy in USN TV Communications. His tour included Vietnam, where he earned a National Defense Service Medal in service for our country.

Franks Professional Associations include:

  • Canopy Growth CGC, +5.Past Member of the International Television Society (I.T.S.)

  • National Association Of Broadcasters (N.A.B.)

  • Who's Who In American Industry

  • Broadcast Design Association (b.d.a.)

  • Member of Promax

  • Emmy Award for winter Olympics "wide World Of Sports"

  • B.A. New York Institute Of Technology

Keith DeSanto

Graduate of Northeastern University with B.S. in Mathematics Managed and CEO owned NASDAQ Broker Dealer Purchased Rhamnolipid companies in 2004 Holds patents for citrus, cannabis, and hemp Rhamnolipid Patents. 15/899,873 - Preventing and destroying Citrus Greening and Citrus Canker using Rhamnolipid. 15/899,494 - Using Peptides encapsulated in Rhamnolipid Liposomes for Agricultural applications. 15/945,978 - Rhamnolipid Fertilizes and sprays. 15/946,049 - Cure and prevent diseases in plants, bushes and trees using rhamnolipids. 5/946,277 - Peptides and rhamnolipid liposomes inhabit bacterial replication in plants, trees and bushes

Carlos Calixto

Professional Innovative in sales and marketing experience with high-volume business operations. Creation of strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. Driven to manage costs and establish strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with users, vendors, and service providers. Mr Calixto has extensive experience with channel development and project management in the Cannabis industry with over 6 years of large scale project planning and development working with Debets Schalke from the inception of the company. Mr Calixto oversaw the project from the beginning and laid out plans across all stages of development.

Rick Snelson
Master Grower

Mr. Snelson has over 34 years' experience developing proper horticulture methods in his own cultivation operation, including working as the admin supervisor to create Sativa and Hybrid strains in his own cultivation operation in Palm Springs, Calif. Mr. Snelson's wide range of skills includes both indoor and outdoor greenhouse operations. Mr. Snelson has experience in organization and administration in a grow operation, including, but not limited to, oversight of staffing, training, motivating, coaching and supervising greenhouse staff. His maintenance of quality assurance, inventory and safety controls, as well as ensuring strict adherence to standards and regulations. Mr. Snelson's accomplishments include an introduction of upscale medical and recreational cannabis strains.


(1) Funds allocated as estimated by the Company in order to purchase substantially all of the membership interests of Greenway pursuant to the Greenway Purchase Agreement. See "Description of Business - Overview - Phase Two - Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Production License" for more information.
(2) The Company intends to use this portion of the proceeds to purchase the First Facility Property, an approximately 5 acre parcel located in Henderson, Nevada. See "Description of Business - Overview - Phase Three - Cultivation and Production Facility" for more information.
(3) Funds allocated for required deposit on key materials and plans to construct the Company's cultivation greenhouse.
(4) The Company will use a portion of the proceeds to fund greenhouse assembly and materials, including, but not limited to, concrete slab and footing, wall-truss structure, interior glass wall divisions, glass walls, roof and exterior house wall panels, and electrical, mechanical and plumbing technicians. Except in the 25% scenario above, the Company will also use this portion of the proceeds to fund the grading of the purchased parcel and power hookup for its operations.
(5) The Company will use this portion of the proceeds to purchase office furniture, plants,fertilizer,pots and air conditioners for its operations.
(6) Currently, the Company does not pay any of its employees or directors. However, after the termination of the Offering, the Company intends to pay salary to its Chief Executive Officer, Frank Celecia, its Master Grower, Rick Snelson, and upon conclusion of the Company's negotiations with him, the Company's potential Chief Operating Officer, Carlos Calixto.


Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia2 months ago

Frank Celecia CEO of OrgHarvest, stated The company has just been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission to extend its REG A offering for an additional year. OrgHarvest is the only company approved for the cultivation of cannabis in the USA under the jobs Act via this REG A Tier 1

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Travis Onuekwusi
Travis Onuekwusi - Investora week ago
I'd like to make the a wire transfer, is there anyone I could speak with?
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
When you fill out the subscription agreement the last page has wire instructions

a week ago
Damon Provost
Damon Provost - Investor2 weeks ago
Can you explain what the $0.25 Unrestricted Share is? And what would be my return/percentage on the $1000 investment?
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
That one share for 25 cents is a common share in the public company. The share is unrestricted, which means you can sell it at any time. You are investing in a highly speculative stock and could lose all your investment. The stock was recently trading at 87 cents how good are you at math..hmmmm

2 weeks ago
Alessadro Lo Coco
Alessadro Lo Coco - Investor3 weeks ago
Hi everyone! Loving this idea but have a few questions. How far along in the completion of the project are we seeing here? When is the timeline for business to begin? After that, our investment should be reflected within a couple of years, as it states. Just wondering how things are progressing thus far in the process.
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
Great questions, We are shovel ready to execute our business plan. Presently we are in the fund raising stage to execute our business as described in the OrgHarvest Circular. The beauty of your investment is the shares are free trading and you are in control of the time frame of how long you want to stay in our opportunity.

3 weeks ago
Alan Jacobson
Alan Jacobson - Investor7 months ago
Excellent presentation, thorough and clear math, and a very fair deal. I would just like to more about cash and contingencies. If you raise your minimum here what are the hurdles that could prevent opening the business (financially and legal)? (I see the risks, but realistically what actually keeps you up at night?) If anything does get in the way, is this money "sunk" and we would not get refunded? Finally, if business does not ramp up nearly as quickly as you hoped, are enough of the expenses variable so you could stay in business for a longer ramp up? (Put differently, what will your runway be with a minimum raise here AND a slower than expected ramp up? I'm pretty sure I'm in, not sure how much.
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
Good morning Alan,I have brought companies from concept to operational in my career. One company I brought to NASDAQ and ran it for several years. We have over 300 shareholders in our company and most of them have been with me for years.I personally have invested and loaned over 1.2 million to the company and will continue to support this venture until it can stand on its own and a larger company buys us out. We have offered a generous bonus package for retail investors like yourself to mitigate some of the risks in a startup. OrgHarvest is the first company to be approved for the cultivation of cannabis by FINRA and the Securities and Exchange Commission without comments. The company has been approved via this REG A TIER 1 to raise 20 million dollars and the use of funds is explained in detail. If you were wondering how much to invest, I would say never risk more than your willing to lose and you will sleep like a baby too.

7 months ago
Alan Jacobson
Alan Jacobson - Investor   
Thanks Frank, I appreciate the confidence which seems well-thought. I went in because I like what I see here, but am still looking for more info to decide whether to do more. Overall my concern is that this is a large raise but I don't see any minimum needed to close, so I worry about what happens if you raise only a fraction of what you hope to raise. I see your answer to that but I've got to think that there is a limit to how much you are willing to bootstrap. (My question about risks is related - these types of things almost always cost more than expected and I'm wondering what you think could gum things up financially.) By the way, thank you for your quite distinguished service.

7 months ago
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
I did forget to mention this offer is in the money. The stock is trading on the OTC under symbol "ORGH" and the REG A shares are free trading.

7 months ago
Alan Jacobson
Alan Jacobson - Investor   
Thanks again Frank, this is a really good one, and I'm glad to be in. I appreciate the thoughtful and honest answers. As more and more people do their homework I think you'll do quite well. Best of luck!

7 months ago
Jerome Benzo
Jerome Benzo - Investor   
Salutations Frank C, I as well have a deeply concern regarding the Greenway Health Community, LLC's membership significance in an pursuit to achieve tier Medical Marijuana Establishment Registration Certificate?
Would you please give a brief explanation and/or update on where this debate/discussion is heading, are we still standing on third base looking for that home run hitter... Great concept anticipating investment...

Jerome F.R.C.


4 weeks ago
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
Hi Jerome,
The Greenway Health community LLC license was a provisional one and it has expired. These licenses need to be attached to a particular property and the one that you see in this offering has a grandfathered cultivation and production license attached to the acreage in Las Vegas.

3 weeks ago
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
The Greenway LLC license was a provisional cultivation license and has expired. The land that we feature in this presentation has a cultivation and production license attached to it. The final price has not been agreed to and is subject to capital raise

3 weeks ago
Rita Akens
Rita Akens - Investor3 months ago
Will there be Facilitys to grow hemp in Desert Hot Springs Calif???
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
The company will specialize in high quality Cannabis and execute the business plan set forth

3 weeks ago
Terrance Montgomery
Terrance Montgomery - Investora month ago
Since the SEC gave an extension, what's the new close date?
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
The SEC have declared our company REG A Tier 1 effective Friday the 25th 9:30 am and is good for 12 months with an additional 3 months at the request of the company.

a month ago
Bing Smith
Bing Smith - Investor2 months ago
Everything looks great. I can hardly wait to be invested!
Matthew Solomon
Matthew Solomon - Investor2 months ago
Hello Mr. Frank Celecia, I had a few questions all related to the first step of your Fund usage section. Much of the success of this venture seems to rely on the acquisition of Greenway Health Community, LLC's membership interests in an attempt to acquire their Medical Marijuana Establishment Registration Certificate for OrgHarvest to then be able to start the production of its own medical marijuana. Your April 2019 prospectus mentions that the negotiations are currently underway with Greenway, with caveats. Due to those caveats, I was hoping to get some more clarity through answers to the following few questions: 1. Has there been any progress on the status of these negotiations with Greenway since April that you can provide us? 2. The first and second of the three options presented to acquire a Medical Marijuana Establishment Registration Certificate involve acquiring it through transfer from an entity that already has one (such as Greenway). What is preventing OrgHarvest from obtaining said certificate themselves and can we get a rough estimation of what kind of time/cost this might add to the project if that option is necessary? 3. Is there any precedent set in Nevada of a Medical Marijuana Establishment Registration Certificate being able to be transferred to another entity to bypass the process the original holder needed to go through? Thank you for your time.
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
Hi Matthew, I have sent a detailed answer directly to your email address. Please feel free to call me anytime

2 months ago
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer 4 months ago
Please send your check and subscription agreement 774 Mays Blvd 10-536 incline Village, NV 89451
Augustin Smith
Augustin Smith - Investor   
I will. Thank you.

4 months ago
Augustin Smith
Augustin Smith - Investor4 months ago
Good morning, I set up an investment yesterday and have not yet received an email in regards to an address for mailing the check and the 'subscription agreement form'. Should I wait to receive this email or can I mail funds and form before email is received? Instructions stated that the email would be sent within 24 hours.
Thank you
Michael "Andre" Phelps - Investor5 months ago
I invested $500 using check and tried to cancel wire to save on fees......Wouldn't let me cancel. I'm purchasing $500 and am cancelling the wire asap....Thanks!
Andrea Heath
Andrea Heath - Investor6 months ago
Very impressive presentation; however, I would love to do some research. I am unable to download the Prospectus April 2019, as well as the Subscription Agreement. I am interested in reading both documents before investing.
Financially Wise
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
HI Andrea,At the bottom of the page you’ll find the title documents if you click download you should be able to see the reg a and subscription agreements. If for some reason that is inot working for you just email me personally at Frank @OrgHarvest.US and I’ll send you a copy thanks for checking us out

6 months ago
Franklin Smith
Franklin Smith - Investor   
Mr. Celecia,
I transferred funds to the BoA account on the 6/19/2019. When should I get an update that you have received the funds?

6 months ago
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
Hi Franklyn, Thank you for your investment in OrgHarvest. We have received your funds and have added you to our share distribution list. Please email your signed subscription agreement to my attention at to expedite your share issue from our Transfer Agent.

6 months ago
Cartier Caldwell
Cartier Caldwell - Investor6 months ago
Hello Frank, I am ready to send in my Subscription Agreement and funds but are Certified Funds okay in lieu of a check? Thanks
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
Hi Cartier, Certified funds are acceptable. Please remember to sign the subscription agreement and return it to the company HQ at 774 Mays Blvd - 10-536- Incline Village - Nevada - 89451. The company forwards the subscription agreement to our transfer agent Cleartrust based in Lutz Florida. Cleartrust will take your information and generate stock certificates or DWAC according to your instructions.

6 months ago
Rockson Tannor
Rockson Tannor - Investor6 months ago
when will this campaign end
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    

To be honest with you I really don’t know. We thought this would be a great way for a small investors to share in the growth of our company’s future.

6 months ago
Alan Jacobson
Alan Jacobson - Investor6 months ago
Hi, I really don't understand why there is not more interest!  This is a fair and promising offer, and people who invest right now would already have made a profit on paper given the stock price.  It's about as good a deal as I've seen come through here or anywhere in the cannabis space.  I appreciate your answer below but I'm still not completely clear what will happen if you fall far short of the goal.  How certain are those alternative methods of funding so that even with a close to minimum raise you'll get the project completed?  And what is your timeline, again should the raise here be low?

Again, I hope my question proves irrelevant as people see what a compelling and promising offer this is!

Thanks again,

Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
Hi Alan, Our company became very valuable apparently when we became the only approved cannabis cultivation company in the OTC Pink markets by the Securities and Exchange. Currently, We have been fielding various opportunities to accelerate our growth as we move forward. This bonus is an opportunity that will not be available for very long and as you know no investment is guaranteed. We are planning to bring more marketing awareness to this offer shortly.

6 months ago
Cynthia Scurry-Brooklin
Cynthia Scurry-Brooklin - Investor6 months ago
I'm ready to invest, but don't know where to find the information to send my payment.
Frank Celecia
Frank Celecia - Issuer    
Hi Cynthia, located at the bottom of the page labeled "Documents" please download the subscription agreement. Fill out and follow the instructions for wiring funds or mailing a check. Enclose your check and your signed subscription agreement to the address on the last page of the subscription agreement. If you choose to wire funds fill out the subscription agreement and mail it to our address. I hope this was helpful.

6 months ago


OrgHarvest Prospectus April 2019 View Download
OrgHarverst - Subscription Agreement w/Bonus Shares View Download
Waller Opinion Letter View Download

Other Disclosures

Read the REG A OFFERING CIRCULAR under all SEC FILINGS filed with the SEC for other important disclosures, like financial statements, Directors, Officers, shareholders with more than 20% of voting rights, and more.
Use of Proceeds
The allocation of the use of proceeds among the categories of anticipated expenditures represents management’s best estimates based on the current status of the Company’s proposed operations, plans, investment objectives, capital requirements, and financial conditions. Future events, including changes in economic or competitive conditions of our business plan or the completion of less than the total Offering, may cause the Company to modify the above-described allocation of proceeds. The Company’s use of proceeds may vary significantly in the event any of the Company’s assumptions prove inaccurate. We will retain broad discretion in the allocation of the net proceeds from this Offering, reserve the right to change the allocation of net proceeds from the Offering as unanticipated events or opportunities arise and could utilize the proceeds in ways that do not necessarily improve our results of operations or enhance the value of our Common Stock. Additionally, the Company may from time to time need to raise more capital to address future needs that we may not have anticipated as of the date of this Offering Circular.
This page of this website (a) is dedicated to a Regulation A+ Offering, (b) is leased by TruCrowd, Inc. a Delaware Corporation, to TruCrowd Services, LLC, an Illinois LLC, (c) is operated by the issuer and TruCrowd Services, LLC but is not in any way operated by TruCrowd, Inc.
Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
This offering contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws. We caution investors that any forward-looking statements presented in this offering, or which management may make orally or in writing from time to time, are based on the Company’s beliefs and assumptions made by, and information currently available to, the Company. When used, the words “anticipate,” “believe,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “might,” “plan,” “estimate,” “project,” “should,” “will,” “would,” “result” and similar expressions, which do not relate solely to historical matters, are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Such statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions and are not guarantees of future performance, which may be affected by known and unknown risks, trends, uncertainties and factors that are beyond the Company’s control. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those anticipated, estimated or projected. While forward-looking statements reflect the Company’s good faith belief when made, they are not guarantees of future performance. The Company expressly disclaims any responsibility to update forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law.

Moreover, we operate in a very competitive and rapidly changing environment, and new risks emerge from time to time. It is not possible to predict all risks, nor can we assess the impact of all factors on our business or the extent to which any factor, or combination of factors, may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statements we may make. In light of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, the forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in this offering may not occur, and actual results could differ materially and adversely from those anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligation to revise or publically release the results of any revision to these forward-looking statements, except as required by law. Given these risks and uncertainties, prospective investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.

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