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World's First Click And Collect Cannabis Platform

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Closed on 03/16/21


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$10k - $1070k

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Convertible Note
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Who are we

QwikLeaf, LLC is a technology company bringing click-and-collect automation to the cannabis industry. We have developed the world’s first click-and-collect cannabis platform.


Our growth and value come by bringing a needed segment (click-and-collect) to the cannabis market. We have strategized to profit from the success of cannabis retail stores increased sales and decrease in employee overhead from using our platform. Join in on the opportunity to legally profit from cannabis stores across the United States. Become part of revolutionizing cannabis sales!


QwikLeaf will also capitalize on the physical retail segment as part of its vertical integration strategy. A strategy that will not only fuel the company’s growth, it will also give the company access to additional revenue streams. 



In the cannabis retail market, product delivery time is important to both customer and retailer. Cannabis store owners are forced to add additional employees to handle high demand sales periods. The biggest bottleneck on both the consumer and retailer-end of cannabis sales is the process of exchanging money for the product.



Wait time and long lines inside of cannabis stores result in lost customers and decreased sales for business owners. The number of products a cannabis merchant can logistically sell is constricted by the number of registers, staff available, and the speed in which they operate.



Customers expect to be able to choose a check-out option that suits them best. Cannabis retail stores leave it nearly impossible to predict the amount of time required to get in and out with a purchase. Cannabis consumers want access to cannabis products as fast as possible. Cannabis retailers do not have the technological infrastructure to sell and dispense products efficiently to their customers.


QwikLeaf solves the problems faced by cannabis retail store business owners and consumers while remaining unaffected by ever-changing cannabis laws. We are a non-plant touching company that provides hardware and software solutions to plant-touching businesses.


The platform gives dispensary owners easier entry into the online space since it has more favorable economics than delivery. Our platform gives customers access to the products they want with little to no wait time. Customers can order online at home, and wait for notification of when their order is ready. QwikLeaf is pioneering this new format and developing tailored solutions for dispensary owners to win in click and collect.


As more cannabis retail stores open across the country, we are prepared to provide the technological infrastructure to add benefits of click-and-collect to each and every cannabis retail location possible.


We are positioned to partner with many established cannabis tailored e-commerce, loyalty rewards, point-of-sale, and seed-to-sale software companies. The possibilities for implementing additional features to our platform only adds to our value and growth as a technology company in the cannabis sector. 


To date, cannabis has yet to gain mainstream adoption. The last barrier to mass-market adoption will be removed when cannabis is recreationally legalized across all 50 states. Currently, 33 U.S. states have legalized cannabis to varying degrees. In the United States, over 24 million, or 9.9 percent of adults age 18-plus consume cannabis regularly, and 115 million (48.2 percent) report consuming it in their lifetimes. There were 2.4 million U.S. medical marijuana patients in 2018, up 71 percent from 2014.


The cannabis industry is very unique, any new technology involving cannabis requires specific features and abilities to achieve usability, compliance, and acceptance within the market. Point-of-sale, e-commerce, and inventory management software and hardware companies have all existed successfully for over a decade. With the legalization of cannabis sales has come a rush of successful start-up companies within these market segments. Few companies with relevant technology to the cannabis industry have decided to enter due to the risk in a conflict of interest with their current operating clients, partnerships, certifications, and contractual obligations.


Profits from QwikLeaf are generated from the sale of our custom software and hardware platform.


Neil Biafore, Founder & CEO

Neil Biafore is QwikLeaf’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, as head of the company, Neil is responsible for all the company’s sales and operations, including end-to-end management of QwikLeaf’s software development, manufacturing activities, and support in all markets.


Prior to founding QwikLeaf, Neil was responsible for instructing engineers and product development teams for multiple (Big Three) automotive manufacturer brands to produce and successfully deploy some of the first in-vehicle touchscreen applications.


Neil is currently assisted by an expanding team of experienced professionals with knowledge in engineering, software development, financial management, and the cannabis industry.




Neil Biafore
Neil Biafore2 years ago

Investor Update:


In Q4 of 2020, the QwikLeaf Locker was finished. We are preparing to launch the product officially. With the QwikLeaf Locker ready for launch, the company is closer than ever to generating revenue.


We have been working toward launching QwikLeaf in Los Angeles, California, which will get us closer to obtaining a positive cash-flow.


We still maintain a pending license partnership in Michigan. The outlook remains positive as we await approval from the state of Michigan.


Morale is high as we recently opened a QwikLeaf office in Palm Springs, California. It is 3000 sqft., and can host multiple QwikLeaf employees. We initiated the hiring process and look to fulfill positions by the First Quarter of 2021.


This year we did not deliver as many updates on a structured basis- one of our main goals in 2021 is to send quarterly company updates.


To close out the year, we are focused on officially launching QwikLeaf. It is especially important to maximize our time on Fundanna.





Neil Biafore
CEO | QwikLeaf

Neil Biafore
Neil Biafore3 years ago

Investor Update:


I’m thrilled to report progress at QwikLeaf is moving astoundingly fast. We are innovating across the cannabis landscape and leading in key areas that are critical to our success.


We see our current progress during the recent world developments as a powerful testament to the satisfaction, engagement and loyalty of our investors — and a great driver of our growth across the board.


Investors can look forward to monumental announcements into 2020.





Neil Biafore
CEO | QwikLeaf

Neil Biafore
Neil Biafore3 years ago

Investor Update:


QwikLeaf has entered into a partnership with Green Retail Ventures to open 10 “QwikLeaf” Recreational Cannabis stores across Michigan.


Green Retail Ventures will be applying for a total of 10 recreational marijuana licenses (retail sales 21+) of which upon approval will become QwikLeaf Cannabis Stores.


Green Retail Ventures is an investment company looking to gain traction in the Michigan recreational marijuana market. Green Retail Ventures will be providing capital, industry knowledge, and licensing procurement. QwikLeaf will be the exclusive provider of all technology components related to point-of-sale within each store including hardware and software. QwikLeaf will also provide its expertise and knowledge for development of cannabis stores to be conducive to the click-and-collect business model.


Starting November 1st, 2019 Green Retail Ventures will be applying for recreational cannabis licenses in the Metro Detroit and surrounding Michigan areas as they become available.

Highlights of the partnership include:

• QwikLeaf receives 35% of Retail Sales Profits from each store
• QwikLeaf will license its name and logo for use in Cannabis stores
• QwikLeaf will develop the first click-and-collect cannabis store business model
• QwikLeaf will design the interior and exterior of each cannabis store
• QwikLeaf will provide its state-approved cannabis point-of-sale software in stores
• QwikLeaf will provide all sales hardware for each store

Given that the State of Michigan will officially start accepting recreational cannabis licenses on November 1st, 2019, this partnership with Green Retail Ventures should help to ensure that we’re among the first in line to secure recreational marijuana licenses (retail sales 21+), of which upon approval, will become QwikLeaf Cannabis Stores.

Updates on the progress of QwikLeaf stores will be coming soon.





Neil Biafore
CEO | QwikLeaf

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Maurice Clark
Maurice Clark - Issuer 2 years ago
What's going on with my investment I can't see anything
Devri Lott
Devri Lott - Investor2 years ago
What is the stock exchange abbreviation for Qwikleaf? So that i may keep up with the investment.
Andrea Gomes
Andrea Gomes - Investor2 years ago
Can I invest on behalf of my daughter? She will be 12 if so how?
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