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What are the Risks?

  • How risky is investing in startups?

    Investing in startups and early-stage businesses involves risks including liquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. At Fundanna, we are exclusively addressing you with a full understanding of these risks so you are capable of making your own investment decisions. ...

    Jun 05, 2017 15:33
  • Is there a possibility I will lose my investment?

    Many startup businesses fail and therefore investing in these companies may involve significant risk. You might lose all, or part, of your investment. You should only invest an amount you are comfortable losing and should build a diversified portfolio to spread the risk. For example, by dividing $2 ...

    Jul 12, 2019 19:37
  • How many investments should I make?

    At Fundanna, we recommend diversification: making a number of small investments as opposed to one or two larger investments. For example, if you have $2,000 to invest it might be appropriate to make 10 separate $200 investments instead of two $1,000 investments. However, be advised that diversifica ...

    Jul 12, 2019 19:58
  • How does Fundanna verify the issuers?

    At Fundanna, all entrepreneurs must disclose everything that might change an investment decision, including: 1. Financial condition of the entrepreneur: a description of the financial condition of the startup The income tax returns filed by the startup for the most recent completed year (if any) ...

    Jun 08, 2017 17:08
  • What risks do specific security types have?

    Investing in start-up and early-stage businesses can be very rewarding, but investing in those businesses involves a number of risks. To invest in businesses through truCrowd, you need to understand the following important risks: Risk of Loss of Investment Most startup businesses fail and th ...

    Sep 04, 2019 17:28

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