• Explore the medical marijuana market

    Legal sales of cannabis grew $7.2 billion in 2016, up from $ 5.4 in 2015 (3)

  • Anyone can invest in Cannabis startups

    Until May 16th 2016, only the wealthy were allowed to invest in cannabis startups.
    Now, everyone has the right to invest in companies they believe in.

  • Help build the medical cannabis industry of tomorrow

    There are several diseases where medical marijuana could have an impact.
    Research suggests that THC and other cannabinoids may have potential in the treatment of pain, nausea, epilepsy, obesity,
    wasting disease, addiction, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions. (1)

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What is Fundanna

The funding portal for all Cannabis enthusiasts

A new way to raise capital for your business

The top challenge for startups is access to capital.The problem is multiplied when the business looking for capital is cannabis based. Banks and lenders have limitations when considering a loan to “sin” based businesses. Through Fundanna you can raise capital from anyone and grow.

A new way to diversify your investment portfolio

So far, investing in startups required high income and high investments. Today, anyone can own shares in cannabis companies they believe in for as little as $100. Get involved in building the medical cannabis industry of tomorrow while supporting the economy.


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